Ben Fuchs Radio Show - October 2012

Monday 1 October 2012 - Talking about fructose mal-absorption and SIBO. Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. SIBO and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Scott from Texas who failed a blood pressure test for his truck driving job. Melissa from Texas who has been hypothyroid for many years and now her doctors says she's hyperthyroid. Chris has a fiance who is pregnant and wants to get her on nutritional supplements. Question about vitamin K does to new born babies.
Tuesday 2 October 2012 - Talking about fructose mal-absorption. Sources of Fructose and Fructans. George from Texas beyond tangy tangerine has helped him sleep full night and stabilized his blood sugar. Trisha from Texas asking about what age can you give children Beyond Tangy Tangerine. John from Texas wants to remove toxins and heavy metals. Karen boy friends chronic nasal congestion and asthma. Drew from Kansas girl friends mum had spinal surgery and possible tumour in the brain.
Wednesday 3 October 2012 - Talking about fructose mal-absorption. Defensive Immune response and food. Melatonin. Acid reflux and heart burn. Letter from Tanya who has just given birth and wants advice for nutritional supplementation for breast feeding. Blake from Texas had a triple bypass and stints in his heart and is worried about mal-absorption of his nutritional supplements. Barbara from California who has Hashimoto's Thyroid. Lisa who has pain just before her peroids.
Thursday 4 October 2012 Melatonin, Heart burn, Gerd, Acid reflux issues and the connection to foods. PTSD Post traumatic stress syndrome and melatonin. Mary from Michigan who thinks she is allergic to xanthan gum even though ben thinks it inert. Dog with wobblers syndrome. Barabra from California who has a friend with leukaemia.
Friday 5 October 2012 Talking about Melatonin and how it sends the bio-chemical message of safety. Growth and Repair, Rest and Relaxation. How to counter act the stress response. Anne from Texas how can you tell if you have fructose mal-absorption. Barbara from California question about pyloric ulcers. Drew from Oklahoma who has a sister who is pregnant and wants to get her on a full supplement program.

Monday 8 October 2012 The stress response and general health. Organic and in-organic minerals. Colloidal minerals. The bodies stress management system and the brain. Stress and eating food. Michelle from Kansas got off her anti depressants drugs. Calling about endometriosis and birth control pills. Walt from New York question about diabetes and milk. Barbara from Texas husband has bulging disc in his back.
Tuesday 9 October 2012 - Talking about the stress response and how it impacts growth and repair. Nutritional supplementation and counteracting stress. Salt and the adrenal glands. Gratziano from California whos wife has itchy skin. Letter from Natalie who has ball bladder pain. Paul from Illinois about canola oil story, he find it in many products
Wednesday 10 October 2012 Talking about the physiological Stress Response. Inflammation and the bodies defence mechanism. When the immune and inflammatory system is activated, its probably because of foods. Charles from Texas wife gave birth to twins and was dignosed with pre-eclampsia. Jared from Texas daughter just been diagnosed with diabetes.
Thursday 11 October 2012 Talking about the stress response and how it impacts growth and repair. The brain, loosing weight and the emergency/survival response. Strategies to counter act the stress/emergency response. Dianne from Nebraska has a husband who wakes up blood shot eyes. John from Texas question about the Beyond Tangy Tangerine and body building. Beth from Montana who has a skipping/irregular heart and is a smoker.
Friday 12 October 2012 - Letter from Susan who has been dealing with endometriosis, diabetes, cancer, joint pain and bone pain. All disease is cell disease and cell breakdown, starvation, suffocation and toxification. Brian from Texas Hidradenitis Suppurativa and is having results with nutritional supplements after just 7 days. Dan from Indiana been dealing with blood clots and is on warfarin.

Monday 15 October 2012 Letter from Susan who has been dealing with endometriosis, diabetes and cancer. All disease is cell disease and cell breakdown, starvation, suffocation and toxification. Gina from Oregon question about digestive enzymes and their units measurement and dosage. Also question about body PH buffering systems of blood. David from Florida question about adrenal health.
Tuesday 16 October 2012 - Talking about all disease is cell disease and cell breakdown. How cells break down, starvation, suffocation and toxification. What cells need to do their work to stop them going crazy. Susan from California who's husband has been Snoring for years. Brian from Kentucky cellulitis and arthritis of the knees. Tai from Texas who want to loose some weight.
Wednesday 17 October 2012 Talking about all disease is cell disease and cell breakdown. Talking about a letter from a Susan who had endometriosis at 18. Lori from Texas question about blood pressure medication and heart function. Ed from Pennsylvania who has some break outs on his arm and back.
Thursday 18 October 2012 - Talking about Insomnia and the Stress/Relaxation Response. Doctors confusing prescription descriptions. Mediation, Deep breathing and breathing correctly. Julia from Texas just gave birth to twins and had pre-eclampsia. Bruce from Wisconsin who has psoriasis, high cholesterol and gluten intolerance.
Friday 19 October 2012 - Talking about Insomnia and the Stress/Relaxation Response. Prednisone and the Stress Response. Dave from New Jersey success story about deep breathing. Todd in Oregon question about bone spurs in his neck and heels. Jim from Ohio had excellent results with deep breathing. Question about pain in his hamstring area. Ron from Missouri banana peel for bone spurs??? Question about flu vaccine shots.

Monday 22 October 2012 Talking about Insomnia and the Stress/Relaxation Response. Pineal gland and Melatonin. Starting to talk about Acne and Zits and break outs. Brian from Massachusetts suffering from insomnia and sleep paralysis. Rob in Michigan has break outs on the hands and feet. Robert in California who has a nephew with cystic fibrosis and they want to do a lung transplant.
Tuesday 23 October 2012 Acne, Zits, Pimples and breakouts. The causes of Acne. Acne is a sign of an internal breakdown. Acne and blood sugar problems. Letter from guy in England dealing with acne and cysts for many years and tried all sorts of prescriptions. Barry from Canada dealing with hereditary spastic paralysis. Julie from Texas success story about pre-eclampsia, and high blood pressure. Rick in Illinois Repetitive strain injury and Inflammation.
Wednesday 24 October 2012 Talking Ance, spots, pimples and zits. The problem with dermatology. Acne, pimples zits are the End of the process of cell breakdown. Cells growing crazy and excess oily skin. Rick from Illinois talking about repetitive strain injury and micro inflammation. Pete from Canada trying to put together a supplement program for his dad who's on prescription drugs.
Thursday 25 October 2012 Talking about Acne and Zits and how they are formed. White heads, black heads and Milea. Toxic topical ointments should be avoided. Such Benzyl peroxide. Best way to address Acne is Hydroxy acids. Acne, pimples and breakouts are an inner body issue. Hannah from Tennessee who has question about caffeine and calcium absorption. Question about coconut oils and milk. Steven from Pennsylvania question about the best cheapest food to replace nutritional supplements. Shaun from California who's daughter has ankylosing spondylitis.
Friday 26 October 2012 Acne, Zits and break outs. Talking about treating Acne, Zits and break outs. Jackie from California who is a diabetic and has Irritable Bowl Syndrome, she has been doing nutrient smoothies which have been improving the diabetic symptoms. Letter from Megan who is dealing with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Harriet from New Jersey has had a hysterectomy and wonders if she should be on oestrogen supplements.

Monday 29 October 2012 Skin Conditions and Acne. Health is an Inside Job. Nearly all skin disease is linked to EFA's, fatty nutrients and the absorption of fats. Letter from someone with aids who has seen Results with The Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Topical and internal Vitamin A and Acne. Tony from Florida who's wife suffers from sever Menopausal symptoms. Steve from Virginia friend has a friend with osteoarthritis. Kim from Florida about beta carotene.
Tuesday 30 October 2012 - Family of vitamin A nutrients for treating acne. Retinoic acid cream Retin A. Vitamin A, eye sight and sun protection. Sam from England who's had acne for 10 years. Wes from Idaho question about red palm oil and mega doses of vitamin D with vitamin K.
Wednesday 31 October 2012 - Deep Breathing Exercise 10 seconds In 10 seconds out. Eczema, psoriasis, skin and the digestive system. Skin is an Immune system organ. Tai from Texas whos wife has skin problems like athletes foot on the hands. Claudia from Texas bad history of menstrual cycles.