Ben Fuchs Radio Show - June 2012

Friday 1 June 2012 The difference between Water soluble and Fat soluble nutrients. Hydrophilic, and Lipophilic. Fat absorption. Talking about sun protection using fatty nutrients. Kim from Florida asking about taking calcium supplements. Also question about blood pressure when you stand up. Sarah from Arizona is calling about her dog who has a skin condition. Ron from California calling about his mum who has high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. Mary from Texas has a question about reversing the effects of Statin drugs.

Monday 4 June 2012 - Talking about calcium supplementation. Calcium absorption. Fat mal absorption. Flax seed oils and hemp seeds oils. Anne Marie from California has a question about menopause. Deborah from California has a question about Wheat Germ and flax seeds. Rasheed from Maryland has a question about cutting out sugar and using honey. David from Canada has a client suffering from late infantile batten disease.
Tuesday 5 June 2012 Brief comment on detoxification and Fukushima. Vitamin E and the Lymphatic system. Removing toxins from body through the lymphatic system. The Lymph system requires movement. John from new york has great success from using Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Also has a question about his wife and EFA's. Fat mal-absorption. Paul from Florida has psoriasis and epilepsy.
Wednesday 6 June 2012 Talking about Fat and fatty nutrients and how they are absorbed. Talking about Bile and the emulsification of fats for absorption. Talking calcium absorption. Anne Marie from California has a friend with Parkinsons disease. Annie from California has had a gall bladder removed and is seeing results with Youngevity products. George from Pennsylvania has a question about mixing up fat soluble vitamins and lecithin. Joyce from Tennessee has a son with severe dry, cracking skin.
Thursday 7 June 2012 Talking about Cells and the Extra Cellular Matrix. ECM. Cell structures and cell organelles. Logan from Texas has a question about organic foods. RC from California has an aunt that has urine infection, bad bowls movements and Myasthenia Gravis. Bill from Illinois has a comment about the ban on Sugary Fizzy drinks in New York. Janet from Texas has restrictive air disease. Frank from wisconsin also has a comment about the ban on Sugary Fizzy drinks in New York
Friday 8 June 2012 The point of degeneration in the body is the cell. Alzheimer's disease and brain cells. How substances are transported into the cell. Concentration gradients. The STAR system, Strategy, Tools, Application, and Results. Katy from Florida is expecting a baby in the family and the mother is over weight. Debbie from Texas has emphysema. Jo from Mississippi is feeling great after using Youngevity products. Has a question about his dad who has alzheimers disease and diabetes.

Monday 11 June 2012 - Talking about the difference between the inside of a cell and the outside of a cell. How vitamins and minerals get absorbed through the digestive system. Talking about calcium and calcium absorption. Linda from Florida has a question about Behcet's skin disease. Danny from Maryland has a friend with Parkinson's
Tuesday 12 June 2012 Letter from Jim asking about the Mercury in the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Minerals found in the earth's crust. Plant derived minerals come from the earth crust. Anne from West Virginia has a daughter with a connective tissue disease. Maggy from Texas comment about the fluoride in the tap water. Frank from Wisconsin who's dad had stints from surgery and has a question about blood flow to the legs.
Wednesday 13 June 2012 Talking about the difference between colloidal minerals and minerals that are considered pollutants. Mineral positions on the periodic table like magnesium and aluminium. Magnesium and detoxification. Selenium and arsenic. Fish and mercury. Protecting yourself from radiation like the radiation from Fukushima using nutritional iodine. Sea weed, liquid chlorophyll and bentonite clay for their chelation properties against heavy metals. Activated charcoal and its many healing properties. Joshua from from Texas has a wife with PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Mike from Texas has a friend with narcolepsy.
Thursday 14 June 2012 Talking about detoxification with nutritional supplements. Coriander or Cilantro tea. Zeolite or clay. Phase 1 detoxification in all cells. Mark from Canada has a daughter with cat allergies and his father has Hayfever. Chela from Texas has started a nutritional supplement and has a question about Metformin. Griffin from New York has a question about asthma.
Friday 15 June 2012 - Talking about detoxification with nutritional supplements. All cells have a detox system built in. Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification. Cell death. Poisons and the detox system. Christie from Ohio is currently taking Lexipro and wonders if its ok to take the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Robert from Nevada has a question about calcium supplements. Jeff from Ohio has a success story about his father law who was on 10 different prescription drugs. Rasheed had his prostate removed and elevated PSA.

Monday 18 June 2012 Talking about detoxification and the liver. Liver Health. Talking about the stages of detoxification. How to build Glutathione. Paul from Texas has a question about blood sugar control. Mac from Mississippi did a sleep study and the adhesive from the electrodes has irritated his skin. John from Texas has a question about Provigil. Smart Drugs. Jim from Virgina asks about the B1 Enzyme.
Tuesday 19 June 2012 Talking about Glutathione and liver detoxification. How to treat Non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Talking about sulphur. Alpha Lipoic Acid. Ilene from Iowa has a success story about her cat and nutritional supplements. Diane from Nebraska has a question about Witch Hazel. Also a question about diverticulosis. Ray from Texas asks how do you know if your absorbing the nutrients your taking?
Wednesday 20 June 2012 The importance of a nutritional supplement program. Talking about disease is the sign that the body is breaking down. Talking about the difference between the inside of a cell and the outside of a cell. Presciption drugs and poisoning the cells. Gina from Texas has a husband with asthma and was thinking about taking steroid drugs. Peggy from Texas has heart burn and is on Nexium.
Thursday 21 June 2012 Talking about ancient Rome and the concept of Bread and Circus. Talking about life in America and Bread and Circus. Protein, loosing weight and will power. Elizabeth from Texas has a question about the killer Biotic product and pro biotics. Steve from Florida has a loved one who has hyperglycaemia. Laura from Ohio has a friend with a baby and the baby has swollen lymph nodes and eczema.
Friday 22 June 2012 Nutritional Mosquito Repellent, Vitamin B1, Thiamine and cat nip oil. Talking about proteins and macro nutrients. Protein most abundant substance in the body. Essential amino acids. Talking about Collagen and skin health. Collagen breakdown. Elizabeth from Texas has a question about eggs and chickens being fed grains. Also a question about drinking coffee. Letter from Moreen about vitiligo. Brain from Maryland has just started the HCG diet and wants bens opinion. Question about how Homeopathy works.

Monday 25 June 2012 Talking about Protein and chemical reactions in the body. Talking about Collagen and skin wrinkles. Skin Peels and topical vitamins for the skin. Collagen and Protein. Tereece from California has a question about fibroids and haemorrhaging. Carl from Colorado has a friend with tinnitus. Dan from Canada calling about a tinea versicolor infection.
Tuesday 26 June 2012 Talking about Stress and the Breakdown process. Nitrogen retention test. The breakdown process and Protein. Psychological Stress and Cortisol. Ages Spots. Blood sugar and Cortisol. Bruce from Pennsylvania has a question how much protein to take a day. Lee from Texas has a question about getting off her prescription drugs and Hyperthyroidism. Constipation. Billy from Mississippi has a son with kidney stones. Brook from California has a partner who has digestive issues and a rash.
Wednesday 27 June 2012 - Talking about Protein. Protein bio availability and how your body absorps and uses protein. The BV scale. Eggs and Yolks. Whey Protein isolates, concentrates, and whey protein hydrolysates. Robert From Texas has swelling in his feet and red soles. Mike from Kansas has been on Youngevity products and is experiencing diarrhoea. Letter from Rick who is taking medication for his high blood pressure and wants to get off them. Roger from Washington has been Youngevity and is seeing great results with weight loss and got off his prescription drugs. Also has a question about sun screen cream.
Thursday 28 June 2012 - Talking about the new anti-obesity drug Lorcaserin or Belviq. Loosing Weight. Getting your calories from protein. Protein load and protein bio availability. Exercise and protein. Ralph from Maryland has fatty tumours on his abdomen area. Diane from Nebrask has a question about the Youngevity product, CM cream. She also has arthritis. Gregory from Texas is a type 2 diabetic and wants to get off his prescription drugs.
Friday 29 June 2012 - Supreme Court and Obama Care. Keeping your self away from the government health care system. BCAA's Branch Chain amino acids and Appetite. Fruits and vegetables and their sugar content. Letter from Katie asking about making whey protein shakes and breakouts on the skin. Talking about counting calories and the fact that not all calories are the same. Jim from Pennsylvania has a question about age spots, pigmentation of the skin.