Ben Fuchs Radio Show - December 2012

Monday 03 December 2012 Family of vitamin A nutrients for treating acne. Retinoic acid cream Retin A. Vitamin A, eye sight and sun protection. Sam from England who's had acne for 10 years. Wes from Idaho question about red palm oil and mega doses of vitamin D with vitamin K.
Tuesday 04 December 2012 Opposing Hormones and the hormone balancing act. Oestrogen and progesterone. Mistletoe, progesterone and the solstice. Randy from Texas with basil cell carcinoma on his back. Sam from PA sister had heart attack advice about circulatory health.
Wednesday 05 December 2012 Menopause, Hormones and adrenal health. Salt and adrenal Health. Oestrogen and progesterone balance in men and women. Geoff from Florida whos mother has Parkinsons and thyroid problems. Letter from Meredith who has skin problems 8 years after swimming in dirty water. Geoff from Texas with a 6 week old baby questions about building babies immune systems.
Thursday 06 December 2012 - Over the counter hormones for the health of the adrenal glands. Talking about the stress response and blood sugar. Rick from Knoxville question about emphysema from construction work. Camie from Utah who had high oestrogen and now has her cycles back to normal. Question about her mum who has cancer. Matthew from Texas who has a daughter whos pregnant and on the Beyond Tangy Tangerine.
Friday 07 December 2012 - Hormone health, steroid hormones and cholesterol. Steroid Hormones that come from cholesterol. Progesterone, oestrogen and HRT. DHEA. Letter from Phil can't get rid of his acne which he has had for many years. Marie from Iowa question about rectal suppository for supplements. Amanda from California whos has sever intolerance to a lot of foods as well as asthma.

Monday 10 December 2012 Over the counter hormones. Progesterone, DHEA and the health benefits. Mike from Arizona question about pimples, skin tags and being over weight. Mike from California whos trying to loose weight. Dianne from Nebraska question about progesterone.
Tuesday 11 December 2012 - Over the counter hormones. Pregnenolone, pre and pro hormones. Pregnenolone and the health benefits for the brain and nervous system. Brandon from Baltimore whos wants to loose some weight and gain control of his blood sugar. Jim from Pennsylvania question about skin tags and loosing weight and the ketogenic diet.
Wednesday 12 December 2012 - Over the counter Hormones and health the benefits. Pregnenolone, oestrogen and the health benefits. Bio identical hormones and HRT. John from North Carolina calling about a news article about vaccine injury's and how to use supplements to alleviate the symptoms. Paul from Illinois question about loosing hair and vitamin D. Chris from Illinois whos dad has gout and blood sugar problems.
Thursday 13 December 2012 The biochemical ignorance of lowering your cholesterol. The importance of cholesterol. Cholesterol and Hormones. "Hormone D". Walter from Montana about a scleroderma success story. Question about Cold Urticaria. Catherine from Minnesota question about Pregnenolone.
Friday 14 December 2012 BPA ban by FDA. BPA and the problems associated with it. Excess estrogen and BPA. Letter from Chuck pregnant wife advice for a growing baby. Laura from Virginia a question about cold sores and herpes virus. Kim from Florida With Fire Ant bites that are infected. Ron from Texas questions about Ubiquinol, Ubiquinone and astaxanthin. Todd from Oregon possible bone spurs.

Monday 17 December 2012 Talking about cholesterol the raw material building block. The importance of cholesterol. Carl from Texas how to get off his perscription drug Dilantin. Mark from New York question about Prostatitis. Marilyn from Alberta has pains in the back of the legs
Tuesday 18 December 2012 The importance of cholesterol and vitamin D. The biochemical ignorance of lowering cholesterol. Rolph from Texas who has a niece with autoimmune arthritis. Frank from Wisconsin talking about the pineal gland and DMT.
Wednesday 19 December 2012 - Cholesterol and Statin drugs. Importance of cholesterol. Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol myth. Matthew from Nevada question about fat absorption because of a stomach removal. Mary from Tennessee question about Celtic sea salt and the adrenal glands.
Thursday 20 December 2012 - HDL and LDL and measuring cholesterol. Kathy from Texas with scoliosis. GUEST The Great Cholesterol Myth by Dr Jonny Bowden. Why lowering your cholesterol won't prevent heart disease.
Friday 21 December 2012 Cholesterol and Statin drugs. Why lowering cholesterol is bad medicine. Problems with Statin drugs. Derek from Indiana trying to get the word out about Youngevity products and his success with sickle cell anaemia. Wesley from Idaho question about blood testing and the resulting numbers associated with them. Vitamin D supplementation. Kobe from Tennessee question about vaccines.

Monday 24 December 2012 The Stress response and insomnia. Prednisone. Dave from New Jersey success story about deep breathing has helped him. Todd from Oregon question about bone spurs in the neck. Jim from Ohio results with deep breathing. Also a question about hamstring muscles. Ron from Missouri with a question about flu vaccine.
Tuesday 25 Decemeber 2012 Talking about Acne Pimples and Zits. Rick from Illinois who was the last caller from yesterday talking about repetitive strain injury and carpel tunnel syndrome. Pete from Canada wants to get his father of his prescription drugs.
Wednesday 26 December 2012 Talking about cholesterol and the stupidity of lowering your cholesterol. Cholesterol the building block of raw materials. Statin Drugs. Letter from David question about crones disease. Virginia in Nevada question about the toxicity of antibiotic drugs. Don from Texas question about Macular degeneration.
Thursday 27 December 2012 - Talking about Statin drugs, cholesterol and the problems associated with Statin Drugs. Talking about Macular Degeneration. Ben from California question about Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Question about Lymph Health. Harvey in Mississippi calling about calcification of the arteries.
Friday 28 December 2012 - Talking about Statin drugs, cholesterol and the problems associated with Statins Drugs. Statins and Co-enzyme Q10. Billy from Kansas City question about fasting and a question about purchasing progesterone cream. Vanessa from Florida friend who has umbilical hernia and doctor wanted to do hysterectomy. Lee from California question about Retinitis Pigmentosus.

Monday 31 December 2012 - Story from science daily how stress and depression can shrink the brain. Talking about stress and the fight and flight response. Our Thoughts feelings and their impact on epigenetics. Letter from Jerry who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure from over active adrenal glands. Anne from Texas with an allergic reaction. Mark from New York has a question about boiled eggs. Steve from Virginia question about Iodorol. Also a question about degenerating discs. Letter from Rick about Beyond tangy tangerine and nursing mothers.